Heritage Now: Preserve Your Heritage For Tomorrow

A nation who abandons its culture and traditional heritage is often ruined and destroyed, being the victim of its own past. Nations who don’t value their collective national belongs always meet their fate of destruction and moral anarchy. Forgetting the darkest and the brightest of times is nothing but cancerous for a nation. It’s our national duty to own what our ancestors had before us and bear the mistakes that we’ve made in the distant past. A nation who’s proud of its national heritage always prospers and learns from the misapprehensions trying to rectify them. Embracing your own culture is the solely way to acknowledge what we really are, from where did we come and to where we belong. And as Pakistanis we all are undoubtedly proud of our culture and heritage without any further doubt. We know how to protect our collective belongings and they are certainly our most precious assets.

HeritageFollowing the motive, on Saturday; a 2-day festival ‘Heritage Now’ was inaugurated in Lahore at the Al-Hamra, to celebrate the vivid heritage of our beloved homeland Pakistan. But that wasn’t enough of it, not only from Pakistan but from miscellaneous parts of the world people came together to discuss about the future and the fate of endanger heritage around the globe. Sessions were conducted to emphasis on the fact that how important heritage is for the survival of great nations in the world. Especially about Pakistan, the challenges faced by the museums, art and the heritage sector were integral part of the discussions. The goal was to present the iconic soft image of Pakistan to the world, and to gain international focus on the great heritage assets.


The event’s jointly organized by the British Council with Walled City of Lahore Authority, French Embassy in Pakistan, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, UNESCO and Government of Pakistan National History and Literary Heritage Division. Heritage Now aims to provide the proper insight of the culture and heritage of Pakistan to the masses of all age groups, especially propelled to provide detailed education to the students who need to know the history and the background of the place of their origin, bring the stories out of the textbook, presenting them in real time to orchestrate better sense of comprehension among all the people. This initiative also aims to bring the people of Pakistan and the citizens of the other countries closer as a community by the medium of heritage and forming a bond.


The panelists also propose the better highlight of the technology that doesn’t inevitability translate into understanding of the subject’s cultural interests. A discussion panel would talk regarding the youth, education and culture exploring the various methods to get more people involved in the cause to protect the impalpable heritage.


Another panel discussion titled “Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Artifacts” would talk about the illegitimate selling of the national heritage sites is threatening the existence of historical properties, compromising the collective social lives of the society. Panelists would also put light on the legal loopholes that have to be amended and rectified to protect our national belongings for the forthcoming generations.

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Heritage Now: Preserve Your Heritage For Tomorrow

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