Justice League Is In Theaters, Finally !

Being a die-hard DC Comics fan; I treated myself with the latest Warner Bros release Justice League on Saturday; personally I had planned months before of it’ release that no matter what I ‘d go and watch this movie because after watching Batman Vs Superman I had several questions teasing me in the dark corner of my mind. And the anticipation naturally increased because after the ‘sacrifice’ of Clark Kent this was supposed to be the key that would propel the further DC Comics movies.

The movie feature Gal Gadot, whose role of Wonder Woman has been persisted from the Dawn of Justice along with Ben Affleck of course plays Bruce Wayne (Batman). The film unfolds with a newly found alliance between these two characters, and the movies builds on it real nice; opening up the doors for the other Justice League characters Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher). Breaking the jinx of Batman Vs Superman and Wonder Woman, this movie forces the audience to think that DC really has put minds into the movie; giving proper slots to each character and not messing it up like previous endeavors. The makers have kept it precise giving justified roam to each actor and staggeringly all of them have done the required ‘Justice’ to their roles of Justice League. Also, Amy Adams and Robert Wright have sustained their roles.


Justice League

The movie commences from the acknowledgments following the death of Man of Steel and also indicates that a much bigger threat is coming for the heroes to fight; this brings all of them on the same page against the mutual threat of Steppenwolf who with the help of the Mother Box intends to destroy the world. The chemistry of characters have been orchestrated in such way that it doesn’t seem like they are trying to prove a point over anyone of them. Barry Allan (Flash) remains the highlight of the movie; along with the lightning speed the temper of Barry’s personality is also surprisingly humorous, he jokes around; he’s a kid who’s a part time Batman fan and each and thing Bruce does fascinates him; even the vehicles in which Wayne travels.

Aquaman does his job well (In which he’s a master) of talking to the marine life and often gets taunted by his team mates about talking to the fishes and on the other hand Cyborg uses his superhuman abilities when needed wih full force. Putting these five-person crew together they are formidable and ready to fight against all odds in order to save the mankind.

So, if you are a truly DC Comics person then rush to the nearest cinema and treat yourself with the wonders of your favorite superheroes.

Spoiler: Batman is quite nice in the film (to other Justice League members) breaking his jinx of being the arrogant I AM BATMAN kind of fella.

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Justice League Is In Theaters, Finally !

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