Karachi Gets A Mushk Shower

After being largely celebrated in Lahore and Islamabad, OLOMOPOLO’s Mushk finally made it’s way to Karachi on Friday. Displayed at the Arts Council of Pakistan, Mushk was welcomed by a mass packed auditorium amid of cheers and claps. The duo consisting of Sania Saeed and Nimra Bucha had everything in line for the audience; emotions, laughter and a twisty sprinkle of sarcastic conversations between the protagonists. Before coming to the city of lights, the act had already managed to grasp enormous appreciation in the previous two cities. Directed by Kanwal Khoosat, the play ins’t something cliche but it take turns after every scene, increasing the anticipation of the spectators, covering the dramatic and emotional scenes in the time span of 2 hours. according to the director, the preparation of this play took the period of two years before getting itself on the floor.

It happened for me on Saturday that I managed to grab a seat in the Arts Council to give myself a weekend treat with the flavor of aromatic Mushk ; people of every age group were present at the scene to witness the amazingly crafted piece of art and each and everyone to my knowledge enjoyed every bit of the 2 hour dramatic ride.


The play was brilliantly orchestrated, with the cast consisting of only two characters the play had much more than what I had expected. It had almost everything that we expect from an appealing act of play. With everything right at its place; the set up had the typical wooden theme according to the synopsis. To live up the interest of the audience it had featured off and on sarcasm, which was amazingly well timed by both the characters. There’s no doubt about the credentials of Sania and Nimra who’ve established themselves as two of the most iconic names of contemporary TV scene in Pakistan. When both, Nimra and Sania were in the shoes of Sophiya and Zoay respectively, we couldn’t find both of them at the place but the characters had taken the place of both actors.

They were just two people who ‘d ran into each other reluctantly, expected to survive the scene in the presence of one and other. Isolated Sophiya , occasionally disturbed by the nuisance that was erupted in the presence of the keen ‘Journalist’ Zoay who’s arrival was quite unexpected for Sophiya. But both the characters managed to make it through with each other, although the protagonist were unable to give up on each other despite of having contradictory personalities.


It had all the ingredients that makes a play utterly delightful, the composite elements, the versatility of protagonists; an amazing stage that was remarkably dipped into the detail following the scenario. The wooden interior was complemented by the book shelf, a table, a sofa and one reader’s chair which was occupied by the novelist Sophiya. The play was a roller coaster ride of emotions and admirable sense of deliverance. Adding more to the beauty the place was gifted by a fire place. The cheery on the top of the cake was the real time rain shower that crisped up the already brightened up arena. The sound quality was clear and marking every movement that could affect the credibility of the act.


For me, the place was a whole new experience, unlike any other play the story line was bold and firmed, not giving up the lapses; leaving no place to criticize. Both actors had done ultimate justice with their skills. Most of the acts lack the quality to bring the play to an end messing up the climax but this one had kept it all together till the very end, knowing where to end the ride. Everyone who was present in the auditorium was definitely thrilled and the act kept the spectators on their toes for certain.

‘ Mushk ’ was exbhited in Karachi from 3rd November to 5th Novemver at the Arts Council of Pakistan and was directed by illustrious Kanwal Khoosat.


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Karachi Gets A Mushk Shower

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