Karachi International Book Fair 2017: Read, Explore & Enjoy

Karachi International Book Fair 2017: Read, Explore, Enjoy

For me basically a book isn’t a book but it’s a whole universe to explore; sunk into the persona of the characters and the synopsis I like to know the whole scenario of the book and that’s why my choice of books is idiosyncratic. I firmly believe that before reading you have to know what you are signing up for and what you have got to expect from the outcome of a particular read.

Books are not only meant to pass your time and to entertain an individual reader but they have this perpetual effect of making you discover the smallest details of everyday life which are often neglected; which also distinguishes this ‘hobby’ of reading as a major catalyst in the character building of a person. We don’t say that books are your best friend in vain; but to emphasize the fact that a book you read is always going to return you something out of itself.

As the brilliant Imp Tyrion Lannister says “A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge. That is why I read so much”. The art of reading transforms your brain making you realize the best you could do and to contemplate the authors, the characters and most importantly your own self. A book is like a mirror; reader is always in search of what he could relate with himself while reading the book.

Book Fair

Karachi has been hosting the Karachi International Book Fair for more than a decade now, and this year too it was erected at the Expo Center Karachi making it the 13th in the row. The KIBF is an event where all the leading publishers and bookstores have their stalls and several latest books are launched too. Following the seminars emphasizing on the need of reading books, KIBF is the largest event that has books of every sort and companies from around the world have their representatives present at the scene.

KIBF’17, started on 7th of December had propelled all the bookworms towards itself including the individuals from every age group and collectives from every background. Karachi International Book Fair is a mela of uncountable books having everything for everyone and over the years the organizers have improved the quality of this event. If you are a person who loves to read and is always eager to populate your bookshelf with some new bunch of books then nothing could be better than KIBF for you.

Amazing discounts over thousands of books and brilliant gatherings of intellectuals; all of that under same roof. For a bookworm like me it’s a piece of cake from heaven.

Karachi International Book Fair is happening at the Expo Center Karachi from 7th to 11th December and there are over 330 stalls including the stalls from China, Malaysia, Iran and the UK.

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Karachi International Book Fair 2017: Read, Explore & Enjoy

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