Maula Jatt: The Legend, The Curse And The Future

Maula Jatt, that’s a name of which majority of us are aware, and it spontaneously reminds of us the veteran Sultan Rahi. Maula Jatt is a character which defined the entire course of the Pakistani film industry. It brought the famous ‘Gandasa’ culture to the screen, which later on backfired and brought the evolution of the cinema to halt. Sultan Rahi had ruled the masses with his good guy charm and his hatred for Noori Nath, the antagonist. If you ask me then I ‘d say if Punjabis had the comics and Superman had lived in Soviet Union then Maula Jatt and Noori Natt would’ve been the Batman and the Joker of Lollywood but luckily for the Batman, Clark Kent doesn’t reside in Russia. Although the similarities among both characters are surreal, Maula Jatt also is an orphan fighting the crime, and Noori Nath is as obsessed with Jatt as the Joker’s a fan of Batman.Maula Jatt

Waar director Bilal Lashari had shown immense interest in the Maula Jatt conceptions and announced to bring back the lost color of the Gandasa era by reinventing the Maula Jatt’s magic. Following his admiration he had also said that Maula Jatt 2 was in works with Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi playing the protagonist and the villain respectively. It’s good to know that endeavors are being made to pay homage to the late Rahi by bringing his legacy to the modern cinema. Of course Maula Jatt was a missed opportunity which met its fate by going into the scrap. But the thing that comes to our minds is that what it would like to see Maula Jatt again? Whether it ‘d be a remake or a sequel? Or nothing but a reboot with precisely copied scenes with colored screens and visual effects.

Maula JattBecause it that would be the case then it’s going to be like going into the time and re-imagine this horrifying tragedy because all of us know it already that if it’s Noori Nath and Maula Jatt then they ‘d not die even after a thousand bullets shot in their chests. If the filmmakers are going to take this suicidal risk then they rather come with something to blow our minds. The main concern’s that we know that desi people love living in the past and it’s gonna be sold in the name of ultimate nostalgia but we shouldn’t forget that Maula Jatt itself is a tragic account that pushed us back into the dark ages and we couldn’t afford to have a same setback over and over again

Maula Jatt

We desperately hope that Bilal’s experiment doesn’t backfire and his Maula Jatt wouldn’t get up after having a thousand bullets shot in his body. We crave for an honest realistic approach to satisfy not only us but Bilal himself because with Waar to his name, he carries a lot of potential and responsibility to deliver. Good Luck Bilal Lashari, we couldn’t wait to meet your version of Maula Jatt and Noori Nath

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Maula Jatt: The Legend, The Curse And The Future

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