NAPA a Remarkable International Celebration of Performing Arts!

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National Academy of Performing Arts which is publicly known as NAPA is dedicated for the production of exhilarating, alleged and brain aggravating theaters and for sure keeping the element of entertainment of audience in mind. NAPA main objective is to provide NAPA graduates the platform to mature new works of theater free from commercial limits. It focuses on exertion to present the best plays from Pakistan and extent them out in world.


The concept of NAPA is to provide artistic planetary for graduates to produce new theater works. The basic purpose of NAPA is encouraging the youngsters to produce revolution in theaters and hope to provide our audience with a range of styles and content from around the world. The NRT has performed at the NSD theater festival in New Delhi as well as the National Theater Festival in Islamabad. It has been in action from last 4 years and has produced over 20 plays.

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The NAPA International Theater and Music Festival is an almanac fiesta held in Karachi by the National Academy of Performing Arts. This event elevates the level of entertainment and events in Karachi. This festivity is one of the very happening events for Karachi 2017.  The main focus of this festivity is the striking and fresh enactments by a number of theater groups from not only Pakistan but also from across the world. The engagement of preforming art world across the globe makes this annual festivity one of the utmost and unbeatable celebration of Performing Arts!

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To celebrate this festivity countries across the world take a positive part in it! So the countries featuring this year’s commemoration are Palestine, Germany, Italy, Nepal, England, America and Pakistan. The international participation for this year’s is having a great impression on the fact, that Pakistan is one peaceful and friendly country and is one of the arts and music lover country. Pakistan has always been a hub of arts appreciation and been gifted with a rich history of Art and Architecture. The annual NAPA International Theatre and Music Festival starts 16 March till 2nd April 2017. The festival features 24 performances in 18 exciting days.

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Let’s us express a little additional on the astonishing plays planed to be held this year. From the heart of Pakistan, the amazing center of art. The city of  Lahore we have Absolut Manto featuring the very talented  Erfan Khoosat, Faryal Ali Gauhar, Sania Saeed and Sarmad Khoosat. This surely is a very simple and exceptional example of the level of performance of NAP this year. NAPA has even more to offer at this festivity, the Tehrik e Niswan presents a new play directed by Sheema Kermani and Anwar Jafri.


The international performances include a verity of categories, including Comedy, Drama, entertainment dance and music. They include:

Hamlet Gregory Thompson Theatre Village Nepal /England Nepali (subtitle),Commedia Dell Arte Marco Luli Loughi Dell Arte Italy Italian/English ,Hotel Propaganda Brigel Gjoka NAPA Germany Dance and other more! The Comprehensive Schedule for the festival is this event up on our page and for NAPA THEATER FESTIVAL SCHEDULE and booking tickets online visit us at:


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NAPA a Remarkable International Celebration of Performing Arts!

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