Pink October: Let’s Fight Against Breast Cancer Together

Every year October is observed as the breast cancer awareness month worldwide, following seminars, and fund raising events to fight against this dreadful disease. Several campaigns are launched to bring awareness to as many people as possible so they could know in depth about this disorder and take immediate measures to prevent it from growing.  In Pakistan approximately 83,000 cases are reported annually out of which 40,000 women lose their lives battling this disease. Although breast cancer is irrespective of the gender but there’s higher tendency in women to be affected by it.

It is a irrefutable fact that breast cancer is a merciless disease but there’s a lot we could do in order to prevent it from happening. Suitable measures could be taken to avoid being a victim of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer

What Is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer starts to grow when the cells in your breast start to go out of control. The out of control cells often form a tumor which could be seen via X-ray in the form of a lump.  These tumor malignant if the cells could grow into the surroundings of the tissues; this could affect the whole body.

Breast Cancer

What Can We Do About It?

In order to avoid this killer disorder, several measures could be taken.

Watch Out For Yourself:

Observe your own body on daily basis, if you see any unusual about your breasts then consult your doctor without giving it a second thought.

Know Your Body:

Know your body, the structure of your breasts, if you see any type of change occurring in your breast then don’t ignore it, instead talk about it to your doctor.

Control Your Weight:

Watching out for your weight could be a real savior for you. Maintain your weight and prevent it from increasing from a certain standard degree.

Move Yourself:

Although exercise has several more benefits but exercise is your best friend to keep your breasts healthy. Keep yourself moving because it helps your breasts to control the blood flow.

Feel The Change:

Watch out for every change that happens to your breasts, it could be the change in size, shape and it could also be a dot that you see, which can turn into a lump. Beware of any such changes.

Nipple Discharge:

Breast Cancer

If you feel that your nipples are discharging any kind of unusual liquid or blood, don’t wait and without any hesitation go to your doctor.


See your Doctor Regularly:

Make it a routine to get yourself all checked up after the interval of 3 months. Get your calendar marked and never miss an appointment to your doctor. This would help you knowing what’s happening outside and inside of your body. Consulting your doctor would also decrease the risk of breast cancer and you would be more aware about yourself.

Eat Right:

Choosing correct nutrition would help you avoid breast cancer. Make fruits and vegetables your friend. If not regularly then make them a part of your diet somehow, it could juices, supplements anything you like.

Attend Gathering:

Go to breast cancer awareness gatherings and seminars and know what doctors and other breast cancer survivors have to tell you, hear them out. This would help you being more efficient and you would know yourself in a better way. And yes, there’s nothing better than making some new friends.

Breast CancerIf diagnosed and treated early, breast cancer is curable and with your efforts and alertness you could be your own savior. Let’s beat this beast together and move towards a better, healthy and prosperous future. Surely, together we would beat the hell out of this monstrous disease

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Pink October: Let’s Fight Against Breast Cancer Together

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