Classic Pakistani Dramas That Everyone Needs To Watch

Classic Pakistani Dramas That Everyone Needs To Watch

There was a time when social media wasn’t a part of our lives, forget about social media but even internet didn’t exist back then. It was the era when the sole medium of entertainment was the television and every single Pakistani family used to sit back, all together waiting for their favorite TV show ( dramas )to be aired. There weren’t many TV channels like today either, the only channel that used to air these shows was the national heritage of Pakistan, our very own the legendary Pakistan Television aka PTV.

Being the sole contender of these shows, PTV enjoyed it’s golden era, marking some evergreen dramas and sitcoms. Even today these show give us an essence of sheer nostalgia and make us remember what old times were like. When these shows got aired back in 80’s many of the today’s generation were either infants or not even born to watch these cult classic creations.

We would like to bring you a little insight of these and give you a little idea what they were like because today every single of us need to watch these and enjoy the astounding blast from the past.

Aangan Tehra

A satirical drama which revolves around many issues of the society and puts a light on it in multiple perspectives with a sprinkle of satire and situational humor.

DramasIt whirls around a middle class family which’s headed by Mehboob Ahmed, a retired civil servant, who’s always taunted by his wife and they both have humorous encounters with their servant Akbar, who’s dream is to be classical dancer but he’s stuck between the chaos of the family. The drama was penned by the illustrious Anwar Maqsood and starred Shakeel, Bushra Ansari, Salim Nasir, Durdana Butt and Arshad Mehmood. Several special appearances were made in the drama including the veteran singer Alamgir.

Half Plate

Another humorous creation by Anwar Maqsood which had the iconic Moin Akhter and Khalida Riyasat in the lead roles. The story is all about the family of poets where the father and the sons all are poets following the lineage of their ancestors and  Khalida Riyasat, who plays the wife of Moin Akhter is often offended and forever stuck in this chaotic situations created by his husband the sons. Veteran actress Badar Khalil was also a part of the cast

Alpha Bravo Charlie

A thriller drama, follows the lives of Faraz, Kashif and Gulsher, who are also known as Alpha, Bravo and Charlie respectively and the ultimate bond of friendship the three of them have. DramasThe three individuals are enrolled into the Pakistan Army and whatever situations they face before and after their enrollment into the army follows the main plot of the drama. It clearly narrates how their lives got changed following various incidents. The drama was produced by ISPR and written by Shoaib Mansoor.

Dhoop Kinare

Aired in the year 1987, the drama tells the story of a team of doctors based in Karachi and their work routines and personal lives. The drama was acclaimed by the masses being the drama, one of it’s sort. The cast included Rahat Kazmi, Badar Khalil, Marina Khan, Qazi Wajid, Sajid Hasan and Arshad Mehmood. The drama was directed by Haseena Moin and written by Sahira Kazmi.

Fifty Fifty

The show used to air on the PTV in the early 80’s centering the aspects of slapstick comedy, satire and parody. Loosely based on the American TV show Saturday Night Live, the show starred Ismail Tara, Bushra Ansari, Javed Sheikh, Umer Sharif & Latif Kapadia. One of it’s kind, is said to be the trendsetter of its distinguished genre. The material of the show was equally displayed accordingly to the ethical belongs of Pakistan.Dramas

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Classic Pakistani Dramas That Everyone Needs To Watch

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