Hamza Ali Abbasi just gave nation another advice and this time everyone praising him for this.

We all know that Hamza Ali Abbasi is among one of the few  stars who always tend to express their opinions on their social media platforms, though very rare artists do that but Hamza is no doubt one of the bold and confident star in our industry who no doubt gets scared while giving away any kind of opinions most of the people agrees to his opinions and some may critic but this time every one just praising him, but why!
We all know Pakistan is the nation of cricket lovers and every thing aside on cricket we all can relate and our heart beats together on during one cricket match, since its champions trophy season and Pakistan is performing good now after first match and after the match Sarfraz Ahmed who is Pakistani cricket team’s captain had to speak to the media while speaking to media he lacked expressing his thoughts in English language and here we start bashing him on this over the internet at this situation Hamza Ali Abbasi took a great step while using his platform he came up with a video message where he supports Sarfraz Ahmed and while talking to the Pakistani fans he said that its in our mind sets that we think that its not good if we can not English there are nations who doesn’t speak any other language, and English is not our first language and lets not bash our team on this, if we really want to talk about something talk about their cricketing skills not the language skills as they are good at their first language that is urdu.

Hamza Ali Abbasi just gave nation another advice and this time everyone praising him for this.
It is heart-breaking to see the reactions from some people, on how he was ridiculed for not speaking a language that is not his mother tongue,” he said. “We need to get rid of this colonial slave mentality and it is not necessary that every Pakistani should speak English.”

He pointed out that the team is there to excel at their game, not to learn how to speak fluent English. “So, if you want to criticise on something, criticism them on their cricketing skills,” he said. “Chinese, Russians, Japanese do not speak English and they are some of the most defining players in the world. Therefore, the colonial mindset that we have and the inferiority complex that we suffer from is beyond me and indeed very tragic.”

He added that if there’s someone who can deliver this message to Sarfraz, they should tell him that you should never be embarrassed about not being able to speak a language that is not your mother tongue. “The decent way to go about it is that you can always get a translator,” he added.


Here’s the link to his VIDEO message of his official page, do have a look.


We are glad someone finally stood up for this issue after such long time, its the high time that we start supporting our team on this.

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Hamza Ali Abbasi just gave nation another advice and this time everyone praising him for this.

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