Here’s a List of Complete Feroze Khan’s Wedding Details and Dates You Need to Know!

Previously, during a live video on a Facebook page Feroze Khan spoke with the interviewer of Something Haute and revealed that he’s committed in a serious relationship and thus plans to tie the knot with his lady love just next month. The news immediately went viral and many fans were curious how the wedding is going to all play out. However, unfortunately for many fans (and us) Feroze Khan plans to keep his wedding details and pictures low-key.

But will the fans just back down and refrain themselves from Googling up his leaked wedding news? Highly unlikely.

Feroze Khan

However, who says fans can’t at least know what’s happening at the wedding? As promised, here’s what we know so far about his wedding plans:

First of all, who is the bride?

The lucky lady who will be tying the knot with Feroze Khan is Syeda Aliza Fatima Raza. She is a family friend as explained by the actor himself and apparently it was an arranged marriage at first however the actor fell in love after getting to know her. He stated that he loves her and is very protective of his bride.

It’s time for the wedding details! So, what’s for the Sangeet?

The series of events, guest invitations and rasmay have already begun in the actor’s house and trust us, it’s nothing like any wedding so far. The Sangeet will take place today, on the 26th of March and many close celebrities friends will be the lucky guests who will also be dancing/singing/performing next to the couple. Even though we can’t post pictures of the couple as requested by Feroze Khan, we will however make sure to post more updates regarding the celebrities and Feroze Khan himself during the course of the wedding. It’s going to be exciting!

Next up: The Most Awaited Nikkah and Rukhsati:

Feroze and Aliza’s nikkah as well as the rukhsati will take place on the 30th of March in a private venue located in the city of lights, Karachi. Moreover, there’s no sneaking in the wedding as Feroze Khan’s management confirms that the event will be heavily guarded. Tough luck!

The Valima!

There’s a reason why Feroze Khan is loved by millions of fans and the gap between the valima just proves it. Instead of doing it as soon as possible, the actor will give his bride the time for comfort to settle in her new life, also as to how tired she will be after the sangeet and nikkal. Feroze Khan explained that he wants his wife-to-be to perform the valima when she’s comfortable. If that isn’t the best husband, I don’t know who is! The valima will be taking place on the 3rd of April in Karachi.

Feroze Khan

That’s the end of the details we have on Feroze khan’s wedding. If you want to know more, stay tuned for more updates!

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Here’s a List of Complete Feroze Khan’s Wedding Details and Dates You Need to Know!

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