Junaid Akram Refutes All Allegations of Sexual Harassment Against Him

From Hollywood to social media, the #MeToo movement has contently been gaining popularity on the internet, as many women are coming forward with their allegations against celebrities, comedians, and individuals in media industry. Recently, the well-known comedian, Junaid Akram, has been alleged of sexual harassment against multiple women.

For the sake of the protection of each victim’s identity, their names will not be revealed in this article.

The first women who came up against the comedian revealed that she came to know him through a local publication that was published in August 24, 2014. According to the supposed victim, the incident happen just a few days later. She wrote:

She revealed that Akram reportedly asked her WhatsApp number and when she gave it to him, he would message her constantly. They would talk about various topics until one day, he asked her to meet up with him:

After this, another girl came forward to unveil her side of the story. However, since she was afraid of revealing her identity in public or being judged for it, she created a fake profile to report her harassment incident. She wrote:

She further added:

However, according to this woman everything between them was consensual. The only problem was that he didn’t tell her about his marital status.

The third girl stepped forward with photographic proof. After spending some time “dating her”, he told her that he had lied about him being single. Although she claimed that Akram didn’t harass her, he messaged her this after going on a few dates:

That’s not the end! A fourth accuser shared how Junaid Akram came to her university once to speak on mental health. She revealed that he shared his story about child abuse which left him broken. She said:

The conversation between them was casual and she even said he was sweet to her. However, it changed when she wanted to invite him to another event that her university was holding, so she messaged him again:

When her sister came to her room and asked what she was doing. She wept and told her everything. Her sister them told her to put Akram on call again. The sister threatened him to expose him on social media. However, by that time Akram had reportedly recorded her nude clips and threatened them back. After the incident, she had to delete all her conversations with him and has blocked him everywhere on social media.

Akram, however, has denied all these claims of sexual harassment and said, “My marital status is public information. I have spoken about it in my Facebook videos and it’s also been mentioned in my YouTube video dated to March 2017.”

He further posted a video:

He also added that he has not harassed anyone. He continued, “I am currently consulting my legal team to take action within the parameters of the law, against all those who have made or furthered these allegations.”

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Junaid Akram Refutes All Allegations of Sexual Harassment Against Him

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