Karachi Laughter Fest ’18: Theater At It’s Best

Commenced on the 3rd of January, the first Karachi Laughter Fest at National Academy of Performing Arts came to an end on Sunday with an exclusive improvisational stand up comedy show by comedian/YouTuber Faiza Saleem’s ‘The Khawatoons’, the first all female troupe of South Asia. Later in the evening the event was followed by Omair Rana’s acclaimed play ‘Dil e Nadan’, which loosely relied on The Last Day of Red Hot Lovers by Neil Simon. The twelve day long festival also featured plays and comedy shows such as Crash Landing, Chacha Chakkan and Don’t Laugh I Am Serious.
On the closing day the arena witnessed a houseful in both of the shows and was largely praised by the viewers; making the median Karachi Laughter Fest a success story.

Larki Wounderful:

Faiza Saleem’s a champion of her own paradise, nobody could ever doubt her credentials and that’s what ‘Larki Wonderful’ has proven on the day, a delightful improv with everything happening with such improvisation that even if there’s any loophole left then you ‘d not bother to point it out because you are too much yourself in the act. The Khawatoons at Laughter Fest have really poured everything they had to their name in this act bringing almost everything in this depiction of their impeccable skills. From rassi (Rope) to Imran Khan’s marital life crisis and from cheesy text messages to the daily life fiasco this act spared nothing.

Karachi Laughter Fest The demonstration was immediate and wasted no time, the most remarkable part was that the viewers didn’t feel left out even for a split second because they were a direct part of the show, to the extent that cellphones and bags of the spectators were used as a probe in the exhibition. Spreading the uncontrollable laughter the show at Laughter Fest managed to bag immense amount of praise and claps.

Karachi Laughter Fest

Dil e Nadan:
Second act  at the Karachi Laughter Fest was the play ‘Dil e Nadan’ by the celebrated director Omair Rana depicted the story of a middle age married man Yawar (Omair Rana) who’s in seek of excitement and ‘khoobsurati’ in his life. With the protagonist him living in his mother in law’s house away from his spouse.

Karachi Laughter Fest As he intends to pour some masala in his boring life, he invites 3 different ladies to the apartment. Each of them possesses weird nature and habits making Yawar go nuts until he realizes the true love for his distant beloved wife.

The first guest who arrives at Yawar’s place is Mehreen (Nadia Afghan), who’s arrived in wake to spend some quality time with Yawar making the day memorable. Amid of the ongoing life crisis Yawar struggles to remember Mehreen’s name and addresses her by a different name which eventually pisses her off.

The second woman at Yawar’s door is Ayaan (Rasti Farooq), a struggling actress who’s a superstar in her mind, with typical desi accent Ayaan is someone who’s got big dreams and wishes to play a lead role in a film one day. Yawar with her is as hopeless as he was with Mehreen but her the circumstances are quite different.


The shokh o chanchal Ayaan leaves Yawar in chaotic situation to deal with and the con beauty also ‘steals’one of Yawar’s kidneys sparing him with merely one to survive. The third visitor is Tania (Zainab Ahmed) ,the wife of Yawar’s dear friend Rafique. Tania suffers from hyper tension and very much possessed with her bag which she never wishes to put down.


Always in hurry, Tania’s awkward but hilarious conversation and the chemistry between two characters propels the viewers to break into laughter, making Yawar the ultimate victim but in the moments he finally realizes his unconditional love for his better half. The play is driven to the end with Yawar and Rabia having a conversation on the phone and Yawar confessing his love for Rabia.


The Karachi Laughter Fest was an ultimate hit followed by mass packed NAPA’s basement auditorium and theater and we hope that this would become an annual affair following such overwhelming response by the public.

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Karachi Laughter Fest ’18: Theater At It’s Best

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