Load Wedding Is A Separate Cinema Yet Powerful !

Fizza Ali Meerza & Nabeel Qureshi have taken a step ahead with every film and it is important to say that they have played a major role in the revival of quality cinema industry in Pakistan.

With their latest film LOAD WEDDING they have tackled serious issues in a way that will educate all classes in our society.The strongest factor is that everything is very relatable by the audinec which will make every person understand the message.This surely is meaningful cinema  – not purely serious , not purely commercial but definitely the right balance for a meaningful movie with entertainment.

LOAD WEDDING has definitely raised the bar for film industry & here is why:

  1. Fahad Mustafa Has Given His Finest

We have seen many characters of Fahad but RAJA of LOAD WEDDING is just one of the best with his finest acting skills at play.The character just grips you right from the start & not even once you feel any imbalance ! The director has definitely taken out the best from the leads. FAHAD MUSTAFA you should be super proud of this one !

fahad mustafa in loafd wedding Fahad Mustafa load wedding


  1. Mehwish Hayat Makes Us Check All Boxes Of Superstar

MEERU of LOAD WEDDING – Mehwish Hayat is known for getting the best out of herself for every character given to her.She has not only played the character well but her dancing skills , on screen chemistry with Fahad & carrying the get up is simply natural.We don’t think there is a match for her in film industry when checking all the boxes of a superstar.Yet we find her super humble always !

mehwish hayat in load wedding



  1. Conveying A Strong Message Yet Entertaining The Audience

Load Wedding addresses the stigmas in our society attached to weddings,dowry & divorced women but in a light hearted comedy & intense emotional ride.This leaves the audience getting the message but feeling entertained as well. The role of AASHIQ was equally important as it showed how for TRPs our television channels & hosts take advantage of the problems of less privileged people & turn their pain into gaining fame for themselves.


  1. Music Has Raised The Bar For Cinema Industry

Romantic , dance number or any other – you name it & LOAD WEDDING has it !

Speaking  of music  we see how beautiful the tracks are in their own way & efforts have been put in for giving quality tunes to listen to.Up till now Pakistani films lacked giving good chart numbers in terms of music.Whether its KOOCH NA KARIN , GOOD LUCK , RANGEYA , FAQEERA OR MUNDAY LAHORE DEY – you will definitely be humming one while leaving cinemas.The dance & wardrobe is spot on & both the leads FAHAD MUSTAFA & MEHWISH HAYAT have done justice to every aspect.

Load wedding

load wedding mehwish fahad

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  1. Nabeel’s Direction Is Again At Its Best

We don’t think there is any reason for critics not to like what Nabeel has given us this time.He has taken out the best from not only leads but all characters.Whether it is the characters or cinematography LOAD WEDDING has everything at its best !

Load wedding

load wedding

  1. Baby Baji Cannot Be Ignored

Fizza & Nabeel surely not only cast according to skills & talent but also get the best out of the actors.Similar is the case with the character of BABY BAJI – could not have been done better by any other than Faiza Hasan who has been brilliant.Kudos to Fizza & Nabeel for not only Faiza Hasan but the picks Samina Ahmed,Anjum Habibi , Noor ul Hasan & Qaiser Piya who proved how stage actors are an asset yet to be utilized by film indutry.

Tribute has been paid to veteran actor (Late) Om Puri as well which makes you respect the director & producer as he was part of their first film

load wedding 1

  1. Humor Has Been Given Due Share

LOAD WEDDING portrays meaningful cinema which has tackled a social issue in a manner which is relatable by everyone & makes it easy to be understand.Even though it is about serious ills & myths in our society it does not leave you heavy hearted but the right recipe for ROMANTIC COMEDY is seen.Humor & romance with intense emotional situations grips the audience throughout.

load wedding


STORY LINE – Synopsis:

The story of Load Wedding moves around Raja & Meerab( Fahad Mustafa & Mehwish Hayat) where Meeru is the childhood love of Raja.Meeru is unacceptable by the society due to a myth which you can find when you watch the movie as we do not want to kill the suspense!

Raja faces resistance for marrying Meeru by his mother  – which is another social stigma shown –  Raja makes it happen & their lives change after a stroke of luck in a show.Baby Baji (Raja’s sister) is a focal character due to whom twists & turns happen.Her marriage is an uphill task due to high demands of greedy families for dowry. With all the romance, sweet melodies, role of friends there are emotional twists & turns that will surely touch the audience & then lighten up with sweet humor.

The rest we will leave for you to find out & enjoy in cinemas ! Surely a family & friends movie which will purely entertain you with a strong message as well.


LOAD WEDDING is no less than any Bollywood movie the likes of Badrinath Ki Dulhania,Toilet Ek  Prem Katha etc.It is surely worth a watch as with the audience where romcoms & illogical commercial movies are a hit , LOAD WEDDING is what was needed ! Well Done indeed Fizza & Nabeel for taking another risk & providing quality entertainment with a meaning – GOOD LUCK !

Check out the trailer and don’t forget to book the tickets now for Load Wedding here!


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Load Wedding Is A Separate Cinema Yet Powerful !

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