What Really Happened Between Mehwish Hayat & Mahira Khan At LSA 18?

With LSA 18 happening last night, the artists seem to be confused about the selection criteria in a few main categories.

Saba Qamar, a clear winner of the best female actress is being celebrated by industry but on the other hand Mehwish Hayat not being awarded best actress for her block buster Punjab Nahi Jaugi has raised questions even among her fellow stars at LSA 18.

What Really Happened Between Mehwish Hayat & Mahira Khan At LSA 18?

Voicing his opinion very clearly & questioning the criteria based on facts, CEO Citrus Talent,  Fahad Hussain says:

“First and foremost, let me be very clear about the fact that my opinion is completely non biased and based on actual facts, figures and legit reviews of both Punjab Nahi Jaungi and Verna. Punjab Nahi Jaungi is the highest grossing Pakistani film till date. That is the reason why it bagged almost all awards except for two at LSA 18 last night: (best film, best actor-male, best supporting actor-female as well as best director-film).

But Mehwish Hayat, who is the main protagonist of the film and played the title role in the movie as well did not win the award last night. Instead, the award was given to Mahira Khan for Verna. Even though I believe that Mahira is extremely beautiful, I do not agree with this decision because first of all the movie was not a hit and secondly because comparatively, Mehwish delivered a far better and impactful performance, both in terms of acting and box office numbers.

Almost all the critics that reviewed Punjab Nahi Jaungi were of the opinion that the film belonged to Mehwish Hayat and her acting prowess is one of the main reasons why the film was such a huge box office success. Keeping that in mind, how come the person who was such a major reason for the massive success of the Punjab Nahi Jaungi was not a winner at LSA 18 this year whereas the movie bagged awards in all but two categories in film otherwise?

I am sure that the major chunk of the masses would agree with me because facts are facts and no one can deny that.

Just like Saba Qamar was a clear winner in the Best Actor-Female (Television) category for her powerful role in Baaghi, the Best Actor-Female (Film) award belonged to Mehwish Hayat this year for her portrayal of a strong woman in Punjab Nahi Jaungi.

I know that I am a part of the media industry and a lot of people might have an issue with me for voicing my opinion. But quite frankly, I don’t really care and I stand by my opinion which is based on actual facts.I am fond of both Mehwish and Mahirah, but winners are not selected based on who is friends with who or who likes who, they are selected purely on the basis of merit, performance and box office records.

I might get a lot of flak for writing this, but as I have actually seen both the films, I truly believe that the choice of winner in this particular category is not right.

Award nominees and winners are selected purely on actual facts and figures everywhere in the world. Its about time we do the same!”

Well based on the facts we do tend to agree with Fahad and all other celebrity community about this selection.

Here is what's going on at Lux Style Awards 2018 in Lahore!#Lux #LSA2018 #LuxStyleAwards #Bookitnowpk

Publié par Bookitnow.pk sur mardi 20 février 2018

And here is another casual review by Iffat Umar about LSA 18:

“While sitting at the airport and waiting for my flight I went through all the Lux Style Award results, I never talk about such things as the back lash is always too strong for me to handle, but this time I thought might as well. I agree with most of the winners, like Baaghi team, best models etc.

Few things bothered me. A, what was the point of doing it in Lahore if all the celebrities came from Karachi and most of the Lahore ones were ignored. I missed seeing Babra Sharif, Faisal Rehman, Anjuman Begum, Shaan Shahid and many many more. B, Punjab Nahi Jaongi was one of the best and successful movie, it deserved all the awards. But how can it be ignored in the category of best actress? Mehwish was impeccable in her role. What I don’t understand is if it was a popular award then it was the highest grosser so most of the people went to see it,which in itself tells who people liked more.

I am, not for a second, undermining Mahira. She is the biggest star we have, but Verna was an average film. Okay, if the argument is her performance was stronger then it should have been under the category of critic award and if that is the case that it has mix of both then why not Uzma Hassan, as she was exceptional in Arth. Read all the reviews people have taken out all their grudges for Shaan and Umaima in them (most of them I found unfair but kept quiet as it will be taken as Lahori defense). Even all those critics couldn’t say anything about her, and it was a big thing as she did a role done by Shabana Azmi and that also to perfection and still no one could criticize her. It is something.

So in my opinion it should have been Mehwish or Uzma. And what ever the reasons are, results should not seem baised and rumors like “agar us ko award na Diya tu wo star nahi aye ga”,should not be given a reason. Whatever personal grudges are, devil should be given it’s due.

I will end it with that Shaan might not have been considered in nominations for whatever reason but one cannot forget he is a Star. These functions should be above these petty politics, seniors should be given importance and respect. We have very few stars and only we can make more.”

We do agree Shaan Shahid deserved to be at LSA 18 & this is what he had to say in response to Iffat’s comments:

 “Well said Iffat, Lux people have put so much dirt on their faces that even their soap can’t wash it away”

Ouch Lux.

“Bas, Zara sa lux” kaun bolta hai?

Award bhi usi ko milega na. Sums it up for all of us.”

Well lets just keep it anonymous who said this!

“I’m sending all my LUX awards back. Mehwish Hayat must win. Or say it She was too good and Lux doesnt have the courage to be that great.
Say it or Lux is irrelevant” – Jami Moor


Im using toothpaste to wash my hands face from now on. No soap.

Never went to pick my Lux awards ever. Thk God for that 🙏🏼

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What Really Happened Between Mehwish Hayat & Mahira Khan At LSA 18?

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