Maan Gaye Maan Jao Naa: Movie Review

Like the sky full of stars, on Friday the Nueplex Cinemas in Karachi hosted the premiere of the latest desi flick ‘Maan Jao Naa with the whole place turning on the celebratory mode as it was filled with the film’s cast followed by the creators of the movie. The premiere featured stars like veteran Adnan Shah Tipu and Danish Nawaz. The audience equally applauded the acting skills of the actors and the people behind the screens for such a great collective effort. By the courtesy of Maan Jao Naa, the venue witnessed happy faces all around.

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Fans were attentive enough not to miss the glimpse of their favorite stars and welcomed the entire battalion amidst of claps and cheers. Directed by Aabis Raza, the film Maan Jao Naa stars Ghana Ali, Adeel Chaudhary, Asif Raza Mir, Nayyar Ejaz, Hajra Yamin and Naaz Norouzi. The movie has been jointly penned by Asma Nabeel and Ahsan Raza Firdousi. The film also features a special appearance by our favorite ‘Waderay Ka Beta’, Ali Gul Pir.

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Maan Jao Naa is light weighed romantic comedy which revolves around the squad of four friends Faris (Adeel Chaudhary), Rania (Naaz Nourouzi) , Asim (Ayaz Somro) and Sara (Hajra Yamin) who live their lives to th utmost and stand firm at every front eager to help each other out at the hour of need (Just like any of us would do for our friends). The film depicts the tale of their adventures and mischievous acts propelling the plot to the point where their lives take unexpected turns. The film focuses on the principles of love, friendship and togetherness conveying this solid message that our loved ones and their lives are much more important than our ego and how our relationships with our family and friends have a direct impact on our collective and individual lives.

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Ghana Ali gave team a shoutout! Her upcoming romatic comedy releases on February 2nd in cinemas all over Pakistan!Reserve your tickets today!: #MaanJaoNaa #MoreFun2018 The Crew Films Entertainment

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Maan Jao Naa offers a bumper package to it’s viewers and it’s safe to say that it’s a family picture that you could enjoy with your beloved ones and assures that you‘d come out of the cinema with a smile on your face. The cinematic sequences have been shot with such perfection that there’s not a loophole left to argue; but even then yes it’s also a fact that there’s always room for betterment. The music of the film has been orchestrated by our very own Shuja Haider, who yet again continues to inspire us from his impeccable melodies. With such overwhelming response at the premiere the producer Khalid Ali of Crew Films Motion Pictures  is affirmative that the flick would manage to give a tough time to the local competitors like Chupan Chupai and Parchi creating an atmosphere of healthy competition.


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It’s quite impressive that with movies like Padmavat and Maze Runner occupying the local screens, Pakistani movies are also enjoying fair share at the box office and we genuinely hope that the Maan Jao Naa would definitely end up at a high note as it has taken off with such a wave of appreciation.  So if you’re planning for a movie over the weekend then go and check out Maan Jao Naa with your family and friends treating yourself with this wonderful delight.

Maan Jao Naa has been distributed under the banner of Hum TV and is the proud ticketing partner.

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Maan Gaye Maan Jao Naa: Movie Review

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