Mashq Arts: Celebrate And Cherish Arts

Mashq – Celebrating Arts

Mashq is a ground designated to recognize and cherish arts. The aim of Mashq is to provide scholastic approach to the youth in order to polish their skills in every department that’s related to arts. Giving maximum opportunities and leverage to the youth so they could fully unleash their potential and make their way to the better future.

Our firm believe is to reshape the dimensions of arts and to expose the young talent, making them professionals from the scratch and guiding them to a better understanding of arts. With state of the art facilities lectures, workshops and miscellaneous creative activities  are held in order to transform the skills of the artists, providing them free hand to express themselves in their respective fields.

Mashq entirely focuses on a better tomorrow and bright future for the people who are associated with arts .

What is Mashq Arts?

Mashq Arts is an exquisite and innovative measure introduced by Mashq. The basic thought behind this initiative is to provide resourceful environment to the artists under the supervision of highly qualified NCA graduates and eminent artists from the industry.

Mashq Arts offers the following courses:

  1. Digital Photography

The intent of this course is to generate a pool of professional photographers. This course has been lined up in a manner that the participant practices photography in real time after attending 8 sessions that are the part of the course. It’s entirely practical and applied rather than being based on theoretical practices. It flourishes scientific understanding and polishes the creative skills in the participants.

Course Outline for Digital Photography:

  1. Brief Introduction & Photography History
  2. Technical Aspects of Camera
  3. Lenses
  4. Light Study (Theory/Practical/Indoor+outdoor shoots/Assignments)
  5. Fashion Photography (Theory/Practical/Assignments)
  6. Product Photography (Theory/Practical/Assignments)
  7. Photography in Advertising (Theory/Practical/Assignments)

Couse Duration:  01 month – Total 08 Sessions

Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Complete Course)

  1. Filmmaking

Film making is a one month long weekend based course consisting of 8 sessions for the learning filmmakers and newcomers.  It’s idea is to polish the talent of our students in the supervision of highly trained and renowned directors and connoisseurs from the film industry.

Course Outline:

1- Introduction to Film-making.

2 – Brief history of film.

3 – Understanding plot, genre, production and editing.

4 – Story-telling through visuals.

5 – Movie production.

6 – How to make a short Film ( Final Project )

Course Duration: 01 month – Total 08 Sessions

Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Complete Course)


  1. Graphic Designing

This course provides the perfect understanding and base to the student regarding the operations of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign furnishing them with complete freedom of expression and creative space. This course also provides them opportunities to make marketing material such as business cards, flying and web graphics and photograph editing. The thought behind this course is to provide professional training so the students could unleash their potential in a working environment whenever required.

Course Outline:


1.Orientation & amp; what is color

  1. Intro to vector graphics and the design principles
  2. Storyboard For Graphics & How to Design a Logo
  3. Working with Adobe Illustrator
  4. Working with Drawing Tools & Fill Options
  5. Working with Pen Tool
  6. How to create Compound shapes
  7. Working with Typography
  8. Creating corporate identity
  9. Working with Adobe Photoshop
  10. Working with Layer & Selection Tools
  11. Working with Layer Masking & Channels
  12. Histogram, image adjustments & Filters
  13. Working with Retouching tools & Techniques
  14. Text Effects in Adobe Photoshop
  15. Working with Filters
  16. Web Layouts & Animation
  17. Working with Adobe InDesign

Course Duration: 01 month – Total 08 Sessions

Course Fee: Rs. 15000 /- Complete course. (20% DISCOUNT for first 05 students)

  1. Portrait Sketching

Portrait sketching marks as one of our pioneer courses. It’s idea is to convey the skill of sketching to our students and turning them into professionals. This course is a perfect catch for the people who love sketching and want to improve their skills, making it as a hobby or a full time career choice.

Course Duration: 03 – 06 months

Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Monthly)

  1. Painting

This course focuses on producing more painters and to transform the abilities of our students into proficient skill. This course has been further divided into five major categories:

  1. Miniature Painting
  2. Water Colour Painting
  3. Oil Painting
  4. Acrylic Painting
  5. Pencil Colors

Course Duration: 03 – 06 months

Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Monthly)

  1. Callipgraphy

This course is a perfect chance for the students who want to learn real time calligraphy. In this course students are taught new ways of Urdu calligraphy and experience the application of this beautiful art. Innovations and tricks are also learned by the students in this course.

Course Duration: 03 – 06 months

Course Fee: Rs.10,000 / Monthly


  1. Drawing / Sketching

This course includes everything regarding drawing whether it’s basic lines or real life drawing of shapes and figures. It’s a perfect chance for the people who are willing to know about drawing as a hobby or a full time job. This course helps the students to improvise their credentials and news ways of drawing are part of this course.

Course Duration: 03 – 06 months

Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Monthly)

  1. Story Board Illustrations

Story board illustration is one of the fundamentals of film making and Mashq Arts provides this course to enhance and upgrade the abilities of our students. The course offers insight about the framing, the idea of perspective and quick sketching skills.

Course Duration: 02 – 04 months

Course Fee: Rs.10,000 (Monthly)

  1. Aircraft Model Making

Mashq has introduced 3 weekend based courses “Aircraft Model  Making by Engineer Bilal Khan”

Learn and flourish your expertise under the guidance of professsionals from the industry.

Course Outline:

  1. Brief Introduction to aviation
  2. Technical aspects of an Aircraft
  3. Structure of an aircraft exterior
  4. Aircraft Manuals Study
  5. Cutting & Pasting of an Aircraft parts
  6. Aerodynamics of the Aircraft
  7. Exterior Art of an aircraft

Course Fee: Rs.3,000 (Complete Course)


Last Date for Registrations: 8th September 2018


DHA House 27 street 1 Link 2 Cavalry ground Lahore

Johar Town: House 336 R2 Block, Johar town

Timings: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Thursday – Sunday only)


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Mashq Arts: Celebrate And Cherish Arts

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