Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor Want Saba Qamar in Hindi Medium Sequel

Renowned Pakistani actress, Saba Qamar has won a lot of attention and praises from the international audience along with many of her co-stars through her acting in the box-office hit: Hindhi Medium. Moreover, she has won Filmfare award for Best Actress on the first go for her performance in the Bollywood movie. In just a short time Saba has miraculously transformed from a person who visited the set and had to play the lead role by accident to being a superstar both nationally and internationally. In fact, Hindhi Medium is also set to release in China Next Month and we’re super excited for that!

Saba Qamar with Filmfare award for Best Actress

With the news of Hindi Medium 2 going on floors in August, fans cannot help but want the actress in the second part as well. We know much of a deal it is when Indian banned Pakistani actors from working in the film, two famous Indian personalities still want to see Saba Qamar on the big screen regardless.

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In a recent interview, the veteran Bollywood actors Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh came forth and praised Saba Qamar’s performance. The only question in their mind was that whether or not will Saba not appearing in the second part of the movie. Rishi even confessed that he wants to see Saba in Hindi Medium 2.

“Shoot it in Dubai, shoot it in London… I think she must be in it Hindi Medium 2.” Rishi said.

Well, we can only hope to see the Pakistani actress in the sequel and honestly we’re excited if she is!

Saba Qamar has a growing number of fans both on instagram and in real life. Not only does she get tremendous amount of praises but she also got fans abroad who watch every one of her Pakistani dramas. Despite all the love from her co-stars and seniors, the anti-Pakistani artist sentiments are growing wilder amongst the Indians and it has come to the point that even though our actors are very talented, they are threatened to get kicked out of production for no apparent reason.

Saba Qamar gif from google

Since there has been ban put on Pakistani artists to work in India, Rishi Kapoor came up with a pretty good idea that will boggle the minds of those haters. That is the film can be shot anywhere outside of India and then Saba can be a part of the sequel. If this isn’t squad goals, then I don’t know what is. Rishi Kapoor had also praised Saba Qamar’s performance in Hindi Medium as well and to be complimented by such an amazing veteran, Saba is sure the lucky one!

Saba Qamar and Irrfan Khan on the set of Hindhi Medium.


Even though it’s highly unlikely for the Bhaagi actress to appear in the sequel due to the Indian authorities getting more agitated than before, the ban on Pakistani actors reimposed with a final warning. However, we can still hope and even if she doesn’t get the role we can still see her in her latest dramas in Pakistan!

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Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor Want Saba Qamar in Hindi Medium Sequel

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