Shaan Shahid: The Lollywood Love Affair

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Shaan Shahid is one of the finest actors we have ever produced, of course after the legendary Sultan Rahi & the chocolaty Waheed Murad, after the unfortunate departure of these two icons, a certain vacuum occurred and the gap shattered the Pakistani film scene, and to be more specific the Punjabi genre, the most popular content we had was tremendously affected by the hiatus that was created. After Shaan’s presence in the film circuit the Punjabi genre gradually revived and in no time who couldn’t have imagined a movie of that sort without Shaan. He’s been a part of almost every Pakistani movie since the killing of Rahi in 1996. Shahid has been known as a goldmine for the producers and to be very fair honest, he always manages to make his way to triumph, leaving almost everyone involved, satisfied and happy. Regardless of the genre, Shaan somehow using his never fading charm to clinch the lead in majority of the movies produced in Pakistan, no questions to be asked about his grip and credentials that he’s maintained over the years, at 50, age remains merely a number, with Shaan killing it in every scene.

Shaan Shahid: The Lollywood Love AffairBut the sad reality shudders me that even post alleged revival of the Pakistani cinema, we’ve not been able to give our industry someone even near of what Shaan stands today, maintaining his class as an ‘ACTION’ hero, nobody has been able to overcome his kingdom, no not even Fawad Khan. He stands firm, formidable and irreplaceable, ridiculously solid amidst the young guns and the contemporary lot of actors, making him the HIGHEST PAID actor in Pakistan.

Internationally acclaimed the heartthrob Fawad Khan hasn’t been able to compete with Shaan or maybe it’s not his forte to be a part of Pakistani references as Shaan, because he feels safe and comfortable, in the Bollywood circuit, finding it more beefed and glamorous.

The producers trust Shaan with everything that he has to offer them. The obsession they have with him is widely justified because he offers them whatever they demand out of him, I would say it with certainty that not even in a decade it would be possible to shake Shaan’s roots from where he stands today, firm and formidable.

Unfortunately, the film makers haven’t been able to trace the taste of the Pakistani audience, acknowledging the fact that we all have been grown up watching the Indian cinema. Irrefutably, the film scene of our arch rival neighbor is sort of larger than life and nobody could ever deny the fact and the grasp they have maintained following the decades.

Local producers here, have followed the foolproof and test formula, after the huge success of Shaan Shahid: The Lollywood Love Affair Lashari’s directional  debut ‘WAAR’, all the directors seemed like following the same path, i.e making war inspired noisy low budget movies, which are namely as follows SKZ, Operation 021 and most recent were the delayed movies starring Shaan (Yes, again)

Shaan Shahid: The Lollywood Love Affair & Jamal Shah’s debut as producer, Revenge Of The Worthless, based on  an operation in Swat, Pakistan.

The film fraternity is yet to catch the flavor of the Pakistani masses, even though they have already made several attempts persuading the traffic to turn their selves to the nearest movie houses with the soft releases like Lahore Se Agay, Na Maloom Afraad, Manto, and Bol. But yes, these releases depended loosely on their sponsors and were highly known as experimental takes, attempts made in the quest of what the locals want from the national cinema. Hopefully in the near future we ‘d be able to witness more rational attempts taking place inspired by Manto (Saadat H Manto’s biopic), Mah E Mir and Moor (Mother). These movies have been able to clinch attention of the people residing in Pakistan as well as abroad, as they were defined as distinguished and more like intellectually stable. Whatsoever, hope is alive, fingers crossed for our very own cinematic scene. It’s never too late to catch the right train to your desired destination.

Shaan Shahid: The Lollywood Love Affair

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Shaan Shahid: The Lollywood Love Affair

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