The Band is Back: Strings Returns With the Release of ‘Sajni’ from their Latest Album!

Old school songs and mesmerizing music is all the nostalgia most of us are craving for these days. Which brings us to the most exciting news – Strings just released a new album with the name ‘Thirty’ to celebrate 30 years of their music. One of the most iconic duos in the music industry – Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia just dropped the first song of the album ‘Sajni’.

And let us tell you: ‘Sajni’ is all the reassurance we needed from Strings this year. Not only is this album packed with sweet nostalgia, it’s coming with music you’d want to put on your playlist in repeat.

This year Strings will assure a love ballad with a unique imprint of the usual Strings concept and will keep the same sound that we have loved for decades. The song ‘Sajni’ is written by Anwer Maqsood who is the lyricist behind countless Strings hit songs and the video has been directed by Yasir Jaswal.

It’s an upbeat, happy and incredibly playful song that takes you on a trip to the 90s. It’s exciting and really creative how Strings will connect to three decades of music in this album. Fans will be able to hear music from the lost times and will get a chance to connect to older music more. Not only that but their music speaks maturity and depths of experience and with Faisal smiling through the video, fans will get a fresh and optimistic vibe and it’s going to be contagious!

But the question still stands. Although it’s exciting that they are dropping singles on the Internet one-by-one rather than releasing the whole album, wouldn’t it be better to air it together as an album? We wondered that too.

In a Facebook live session, Faisal explained that they have seen many different varieties of platforms like social media in these thirty years. Now, it’s the time where most of their audience are streaming music from apps and YouTube and that’s where they now want to release their music because the people they make music for moved to these mediums now. It’s amazing how unlike many other bands, Strings is considering the best medium for their ‘community’ to reach out to their music.

Jami has so far directed three of the videos from Strings’ new album and Faisal descriped how the music videos would be incomplete without Jami in it. It’s adorable and admiring how close they all are.

Bilal also added that through this album, they will be experiencing a whole new sound with the album and the singles will be released over the course of the next few months. The band also explained that they are excited to provide their fans with the rest of the songs and promise to do that with different concerts and videos. Hurray!

There are a total of 7 more songs left in the album, so while waiting, here’s the famous Sajni that has been circulating around social media!


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The Band is Back: Strings Returns With the Release of ‘Sajni’ from their Latest Album!

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