The Donkey King Review: This Animated Movie is a Must-Watch!

The Pakistani animation industry is taking a leap into success as well-known filmmakers and producers are crafting masterpieces one by one. The younger audience as well as adults are now indulging themselves into comic adventures that are getting better each year. You’ll be surprised at what recently-released film The Donkey King is bringing on the silver screens, as the film is not all jokes and comic effects.

Before we begin our review of the film, check out the trailer below!

Directed by Aziz Jindani, The Donkey King depicts a world where lions rule the land and the animal hierarchy is a real thing.

The donkey king

The story sets itself in the Kingdom of Azadnagarwhere the animals are ranked according to their species. While the lions get to rule the kingdom, herbivores animals like donkeys exist on the lowest rank of them all. And their jobs mostly include washing laundries.

Mangu, who is a launderer donkey (voiced by Jan Rambo) is considered in the lowest in the ranks of hierarchy. However, things change when the King of the Kingdom, Badshah Khan (voiced by Ghulam Mohiuddin) decides to go against the stereotypes in the favor of his son, Shahzada Khan (voiced by Adeel Hashmi) and introduces democratic elections.

Miss Fitna’s (Hina Dilpazeer), who advises idea of elections of the Badshah, plans t unleash chaos and democracy to induce hatred against the ruling king, and get the population to vote for her own candidate – Mangu – so that she can rule the Kingdom using him.

The Donkey King is a two-hour rib-tickling journey that, while creating hilarious moments, introduces brilliant morals and a steady story line that kids can learn from and adults can entertain from.

The laughter-induced scenes in the film is very commendable as they introduce jokes that all ages can understand. Whether it is Hina Dilpazeer nailing as the a sneaky fox, Miss Fitna, Mani as the venomous chameleon Rangeela or Jan Rambo as Mangu, the characters fit perfectly into the story and can be relative for the audience.

The animation has also improved quite a lot since 3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors. The architectural structures, as well as the smallest of details have been animated to perfection. It even reminds us of Sherk as Mangu matches his animated counterpart in many ways. Like Miss Fitna said, “a donkey is still a donkey.”

That’s not all, unlike many other animated films produced in the past, director Aziz Jindani comes out as a winner due to the carefully written and seamlessly executed scenes and dialogues in the film. The story line is also up for praises due to it being easily understandable, and entertaining at the same time.

Although the film still had some flaws like some scenes getting dragged on for no reason, it is still something that we can recommend to animation lovers. While the film contains laughter, it also comes with valuable lessons.

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the Donkey king

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The Donkey King Review: This Animated Movie is a Must-Watch!

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